Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


Seifenblasen / Bubbles. Brandenburger Tor, Berlin. Shot in summer 2012.


Spiegelung in einer Pfütze / Reflections in a puddle. Somewhere in Switzerland. Shot 2011.


Unter der Brücke am Rhein. Under the bridge at the river Rhine. Shot 2011.


Herbst-See. Autumn Lake. Shot Nov. 2012.


Not Dubai. Kitsch in Batumi, Georgia. Shot 2011.

via Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.

I was travelling last week and didn’t have internet, so I could not post anything, but at least I took some photos (they will be uploaded soon). And of course I couldn’t really decide which photos would fit the theme properly, so I decided to have a variation… And upload a part II variation later on, where I focus on reflections in nature only. Not really satisfied with my choice so far… I will keep this theme in mind. I still want to do something with it.

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