The Road

Since my camera doesn’t function anymore, I try to focus on painting again. For this I reanimated my deviantart-account and in the near future I want to publish some pictures there (I didn’t find the time/ the courage to do so til now). I try to keep my different accounts more connected. So if you want to follow me there – feel welcome!

This is my first journal entry, where I try to tell where I am right now and how I got there. I thought this would also fit in here:

“I started writing and painting when I was 5 or 6 years old. Since then, life forced me to focus on different other things like schools and studies and how to make a living and how not to lose my mind, I went astray and lost the road, but once in a while I like (and need) to come back. I’m in my late twenties now and want to remind myself with this to start painting again.
In the last few years I concentrated on taking pictures, I like to rearange them and modify them so they fit my mood. I want to express myself, but most of the time I feel I can’t find the right words or the right brushes and colours. Life is surreal to me and strange, and most of the time I suffer from being in a distance to everything. But there are those little moments when I feel connected to something or someone, that I adore and keep with me.
Here I want to show some of my works and remind me to get over this anxiety and just take the brushes and paint. It’s like an old friend I haven’t seen in years, and now I’m too shy to just hug him and smile and say hello. I look at some old pictures first, sort some out, let some of them lie on the table for me to look again at in the morning. Maybe I get a connection again that makes it easier for me to connect to the rest of the world.”

Have a nice sunday!

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