Where stones leave tiny traces

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful christmas and time for yourself and the people you love!

I fell in love with painting on natural stones, which I collect at a lake. They are so small and I like to imagine that when I give them away they make their way and leave tiny traces of imagination and fairy tales and little stories wherever they go.

All stones are painted with acrylic and the size is about 2×3 cm til 4×5 cm.

The stone with the illustration of “Where the Wild Things Are” I made for my sister for christmas, who is a big fan of the movie and book, just like me :) We were so in love with the book when we were kids! She was so happy about this little present, and that just made my day.

I hope you had some happy days, too!

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2 thoughts on “Where stones leave tiny traces

    • She definetly was! That was too cute to look at, even though she’s in her mid-twenties, she can still be as happy as a child about my childish presents to her. That really made my day ;-)

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