Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Love Statue

Statue of Love (Georgian: სიყვარულის ქანდაკება) in Batumi, Georgia

The Statue of Love (Georgian: სიყვარულის ქანდაკება) is a seven meter steel sculpture of a man and a woman, created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze, that stands on the seashore boulevard of Batumi, Georgia.

The figures move towards eachother and every ten minutes they merge into one piece. In the evenings the figures are dramatically lit in blue and red light with the waves of the Black Sea in the background. The sculpture is inspired by the love story of Ali and Nino (Georgian: ალი და ნინო) by Kurban Said. Similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it tells the story of an Azerbaijani young man who falls in love with a Georgian princess, but dies defending his country. The Statue of Love stands as a symbol for the Georgian-Azerbaijani friendship.

So this is my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge about “Kiss” – better late than never ;-) It might not be the typical kiss-related photo, but the statue, the background story and strong symbolization of this sculpture impressed me a lot when I visited Batumi in 2011. You can find more information about the statue and a linked YouTube-video, in which you can see the figures in motion, in this lovely article from Georgia About, where I got the original Georgian names and more information on this statue from. Thank you for this great article and the information about Georgia in general! It’s so worth a visit.

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