Khinkali – I did it!

It took three hours, a lot of muscle work (my arms still ache today), some creativity, patience and improvising talent, but in the end, I did it. We ate some delicious Georgian Khinkali! For the time and nerves it took to get there, this dish is definetly worth a food post! I promise, this is an exception ;-) (And of course it was a chance to test the DSLR in really ugly lighting situations and food photography is something I’ve never done before and… Khinkali!!!).


I mixed up some recipes I found on the internet and adjusted them to get vegan Khinkali stuffed with potatoes. Basically, the dough was simply made of flour (1 kilo!) and water and lots of kneading and folding and kneading… I don’t have a rolling pin, so I used an empty bottle wrapped in plastic cling film to roll out the dough and then took a glass for cutting the dough (and that was when 1. I started wondering if this was really only going to make about 30 Khinkalis and 2. I had to face the logistical problem where to put all these things, since we only have one tiny table and *ahem* only two plates :D ). The filling is also quite simple: mashed potatoes and some roasted onions, flavoured with nutmegg and salt. The folding of the little Khinkalis was kind of tricky, really, but in the end I got a lot better at it. It’s all about practice. My ones might not win a medal in a beauty contest, but I’m proud that not even one bursted in the boiling process!

Khinkali in progress

Dough, potato-filling and cutting the dough in circles

almost ready

Folded Khinkali waiting for the water to boil (had to place the board on the bed. Every inch of the flat was covered with boards and tops with Khinkalis on it…)

And it was so delicous! Really tasted like those in Georgia we fell in love with. I might try out some mushroom-filling next time (but even in Georgia the ones with potatoes were our favourites, so this was a must for a first try).

ready to eat

“Eat me!” Khinkali served with a lot of black pepper and some fresh salad. And Georgian Chacha would have been awesome! But hey… Vodka instead.

But next time, half the dough and half the filling is enough. Really, in the end I got 52 Khinkalis out of it – then I ran out of filling, the dough would have made even 15 more. I don’t know how this could happen, since every recipe I found uses 1 kg of flour and they get out only half out of it. So guess what we had for dinner again today :D

Have a great day!

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