Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (II)

As I promised (threatened), I can’t get enough of this week’s photo challenge theme “Forward”. And I love traveling and moving and being on the road and I miss it so much (haven’t been able to journey since at least half a year). You know – this feeling when you step on the bus and you’re absolutley excited about what’s to come (and every stone on the way seems so interesting and the colours look crystal clear) and at the same time your mind starts to relax because now you’re finally moving, it just got real! And it’s just the beginning and who knows what’s to come.
Since the idea of posting a collection of “on the road”-photos has been stuck in my head for a while already, here is my second part of the challenge, taken the “on the road” category quite literally – be prepared to take a look at some roads!

II. Me on my way moving forward / On the road:
(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version in the slideshow!)

See Part I (Others Moving Forward)  and also take a look at others ideas for this week’s Photo Challenge. Keep moving forward!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (II)

  1. Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Pristina bus station. Going there in a few months and I then saw the next photo was from Scotland (where I come from). Synchronicity! Cool photos :-)

    • Cool, how awesome is that! That’s a sign, haha. Pristina is really impressive and much more beautiful than the bus station… ;-) And I’m in love with Scotland’s nature. But how could you not be! :-) Have a great trip to Kosovo!

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