Behind The Veil Pt.1




Some little more abstract work I’m experimenting with… I’m in love with black-and-white these days. Maybe it’s because spring’s lively colours and light around me finally make it possible for me to listen to my heart’s desire for reduction and simplicity, to keep still and listen to its questions. I’ve always felt the need to balance out my surroundings. During winter I’m desperate for some little splash of colour, I’m hunting light and liveliness to avoid feeling dark and depressed like everything around me forces me to. There is no room for questions and standing still. Spring is releasing in so many ways.

Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Behind The Veil Pt.1

    • thank you a lot for your comment! I just started experimenting with surreal/abstract pictures, it’s something totally different to everything I’ve done so far. glad you like them! :)

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