The Sun The Rain

One thing I really love about spring each year is how suddenly — with the first sunrays after a long, cold and lonely winter — streets are filling with people again. They seem to crawl out of their cosy homes just all at once, as if something was calling them.

Right now weather can’t yet decide if it wants to be spring already or keep on being winter, so we it’s quite unstable. On one of those days I managed to get out to the park just when it stopped raining to take some pictures. Then suddenly it started raining again and I was getting all wet, which I don’t really mind — but I was worried about my camera. So I decided it was best to go home again. And suddenly the sun came out while it was still raining, and the place in front of the old castle quickly filled with people; young boys and girls walking with their umbrellas, a mother with her friend and child stopped to watch the rainbow that had appeared at the sky, and the little kid waved its hand towards it, while some people crossed their way on their bikes and stopped and stared. I just had to stand there for some time, enjoying the rainbow, the sun, the rain, the people that were celebrating nature and life and how awesome this was, everybody stood there where a few moments before was no one and nothing to see and now we were all there, together, staring at the sky in admiration.

I wish to share this simple moment with you, so I uploaded some pictures I made just then. Enjoy and listen to some music: Ellen Allien – The Sun The Rain which I borrowed the title from. It’s one of my alltime favourite easy-summer-feeling-songs from a berlin electro artist I admire a lot. Let the sunshine in!




fly, little kite!


meet me at the statue in an hour


we don’t care if it’s raining.


we see rainbow!


the girl with the yellow umbrella.


abstract rain.

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12 thoughts on “The Sun The Rain

  1. This post has been awarded the Ashlee Craft Awesome Post Award. I have reblogged it to the home of this award, These photos are stunning beyond words! I cannot describe how much I adore the combination of sunshine and rain, and these photos capture it absolutely perfectly. Excellent work! Have you ever considered selling prints of your photos anywhere?

    • Thank you Ashlee for your kind words and the Reblog! I’m glad you like my pictures! I’m always so stunned by the combination of rain and sun, I was lucky to be right there with my camera. I don’t sell prints yet, I never thought somebody might be interested. But my account on Deviantart ( allows for prints, so if anybody would want to purchase some, you can just drop me a message and I can provide the required picture in higher resolution as a print there ;-) I don’t know if there are any other online possibilities worth considering, but if you know some, feel free to tell me. Have a great weekend!

      • Awesome! I put my art & photos on DeviantArt as well (I’ll have to check out your DeviantArt account!). I also use for prints. On Zazzle, you can make products, such as posters, mugs, photo prints, wrapped canvas prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc, using your images. :)

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