New Dress For The Blog!

It’s spring, everything is blooming and renewing and changing colours – today we even managed to get some cleaning done in our flat – , so I thought: I need this tiny place a bit more shiny and bright. Okay, the theme’s main colours are a dark and not bright literally, but I love it! I was working on the header and overall concept for a few weeks now, but never finished it (yay, I’m lazy and easily distracted). But today it’s raining again and Sunday screams: Hey, you can watch the Simpsons and drink some more coffee AND work on the new layout without having to get out of bed at all!

I really liked the Hum theme, it was pleasently unobstrusive and I liked the straight grey style without much distraction. But I knew from the beginning I would change it someday because you can’t personalize that theme, and with more and more posts I needed to tidy up a bit and get a better menu, an archive etc. (uhm, I still need to, I’m not done yet). And since I’m a big child in need of a playground I love the ability to change layouts :-) I think the darker theme makes the photos pop out better, and of course I tried to say something about this blog through the concept of the header. Hopefully the overall concept fits together, it’s not done yet – I think about a background picture and I still need to tidy up and I’d like to put together a gallery of photos, let’s see. But for now I needed to stop staring at it, it’s like I can’t see anything anymore and just get it out there.

What do you think? I’d really love to read your opinion on my new dress! Too dark? Better than before? Worse than before?

Leave me a note, a comment, click on anything, say “yeah” or say “no” or whatever you think. Have a great new week! :-)

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2 thoughts on “New Dress For The Blog!

  1. your questions had me laughing out loud – my polls would be so boring if I bothered with them. Short temr memory prob so can’t remember the previous dressing but like the way you’ve pimped this blog now – header is creatively unique

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