Jewish Museum Berlin #2: The Simple Things

I visited the Jewish Museum the last time I was in Berlin. In the previous post I focused on the very special architecture of the new building, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, and the Axis of Continuity.


On the Axis of Holocaust and the Axis of Exile are glass cases that display documents and personal possessions testifying to the private and public life of their owners who either were killed or had to emigrate. On the way to the Garden of Exile, the walls on the Axis of Exile are slightly slanted and close in the further one goes, while the floor is uneven and ascends gradually.

Here I focus on the belongings of people displayed throughout the Axis of Exile and the Axis of Holocaust. People managed to take some “little things” with them on  emigration, though they had to leave most of their possesions to the Nazi regime. Some personal belongings survived their deported and killed owners. Those personal belongings – beloved earrings, a pocket watch, wedding rings, photos, the letter of a young girl to her aunt – were the last things people were able to save from the Nazis and in many cases all that is left of their owners. The simple things that can mean so much left me speechless. I collected some of them for you in the gallery, you can click on any picture to get a larger version and scroll through.

Visit the Jewish Museum Berlin, where I got most of the information from.

Jewish Museum Berlin #1: Architecture

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