Jewish Museum Berlin #4: The Dead End

I visited the Jewish Museum the last time I was in Berlin. In the previous posts I focused on the architecture and the personal belongings of people exhibited in the Axis of Exile and the Axis of Holocaust and the Garden of Exile.

The Axis of the Holocaust is a dead end. It becomes ever narrower and darker and ends at the Holocaust Tower. The only light in there comes from a small crack in the walls at the top. You hear the echoes of your footsteps, so you keep still. The air smells like in musty basements. You try not to breath. It is dark and the infinitely high walls make you feel so small, you keep staring at the bright spot up there that is so brutally out of reach. At the same time the narrow space between the walls makes you feel highly claustrophobic. I haven’t been to a place that made me feel so hopeless, lost and fragile because of its (simple) architectural structure.


Visit the Jewish Museum Berlin, where I got most of the information from.

Jewish Museum Berlin #1: Architecture
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Jewish Museum Berlin #3: Garden of Exile

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