Jewish Museum Berlin #5: Memory Void

I visited the Jewish Museum the last time I was in Berlin. In the previous posts I focused on the architecture and the personal belongings of people exhibited in the Axis of Exile and the Axis of Holocaust, the Garden of Exile and the Holocaust Tower.

A Void “is not really a museum space” (Daniel Libeskind, 1999). The Voids are empty spaces that represent the central structural element of the New Building and the connection to the Old Building. Five cavernous Voids run vertically through the New Building. They have walls of bare concrete, are not heated or air-conditioned and are largely without artificial light, quite separate from the rest of the building. They represent the absence of Jews from German society and refere to  “that which can never be exhibited when it comes to Jewish Berlin history: Humanity reduced to ashes” (Daniel Libeskind, 2000).


The Memory Void contains the steel sculpture “Shaleket” (“Schalechet”, Fallen Leaves) by Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman (born 1932 in Tel Aviv), which covers the entire floor of one of the five Voids. The 10.000 faces covering the floor are dedicated to all innocent victims of war and violence.


Visit the Jewish Museum Berlin, where I got most of the information from.

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5 thoughts on “Jewish Museum Berlin #5: Memory Void

    • It’s even more impressing when you’re actually there in this big void with its high and cold walls and no artificial light, standing beneath all those faces on the floor, that look like they’re screaming at you… I hope the pictures can capture at least a bit of this feeling, even if they – of course – can’t put up with the actual experience.

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