Project: Painting 52 [3/52] [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Better photo uploaded]

This project is quite tough – I didn’t get anything done over this week besides some random sketches, but today I really had to do something about it, since it’s time to post. So after procrastinating for more than half of the day I finally got myself to work on the Bird Lady for the last couple of hours.

And Yeah! I got totally lost in work and started experimenting with patterns (I ‘ve never done patterns before, but it felt like the right thing to do). So: I had a lot of fun, time flew by and I didn’t even notice, and I started experimenting. This project starts to do just what it is supposed to :)

Here you go with a still not quite finished Bird Lady:



Watercolour, ink and white gel pen on paper, about 30cm x 42cm.

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