Imagine losing your life time investment in a flash!!

Edward Echwalu, a passionate and very gifted Ugandan freelance photographer, who never gets tired of documenting life in Uganda and the problems the people face day by day, got all of his equipment stolen. His profession and identity as a photojournalist depend on taking pictures. Now his life’s saving are all gone. He saved every penny over the last years to invest in his photography. I can’t even imagine what it means to lose all of this in a blink of an eye after years of hard work and thousands of dollars spend. It’s a big struggle to get these cameras to Africa and affording them in the first place. To all you fellow photographers: If you can spare a dime, please support this outstanding photographer, so he can continue his important work on Ugandan society in the near future. His friends launched an account on indiegogo, where you can donate. Please check out his website. My thoughts are with him.

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

Last week was one of the darkest in my life. And this is how an eventful and bright day suddenly went dark.

I was meant to travel to Gulu town, located about 400km north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital on Thursday morning to volunteer for a robotic training organized by my friends Solomon King and Sandra Washburn.P01

That morning, Taxi operators went on strike, protesting the increased operation fees. Transport in Kampala City was a mess. The over 5 million inhabitants of this city who primarily use public transport were held hostage. I was part of the statistic that day.P02

Sporadic riots were happening all over down town Kampala. Teargas was being fired from one side of town, bullets went off in the other. I was caught in between. For that reason, I didn’t travel. No one did.

I decided to take advantage of the situation and photographed a few exchanges…

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