Ramblings On Analog/ue Photography

street scene

street scene

Part of my absence here is due to my bad luck in technology again. So after my Panasonic Lumix left me earlier this year (it refused to focus at all), my Canon Eos 450D now refuses to take any pictures in manual mode and the lens gave up its autofocus after just half a year (I bought it used though). It might not be a big deal to repair (I hope), but I can’t afford the costs at the moment (and I’m afraid any repair of these cameras might not be so affordable at all).

So what’s a girl to do? Grap the old Canon AE-1 from my boy and have fun with it. I wanted to do analog(ue) photography ever since (my father owned two Olympus SLR and let me play with it once in a while), so let’s turn bad luck into a sign to finally do this! I immediately fell in love (again) with the handling and feeling and the clicking (oh, that sound! That’s how racing car-lovers must feel when they hear them roooaaar on the streets), and what I maybe like most is how you just don’t know about the outcome (especially with such an old camera). It feels like buying a grab bag when I get the developed film back from the grocery store. And I’m not a patient person, so the waiting for days to get it back is really haunting me (been to the store three days in a row to see if it’s already done). For the future I really want to try developing film at home, but that’s still far away.

metal knots

metal knots

What the first roll of film out of the AE-1 gave me though was not quite how I imagined it to look like. Over the years there must have grown a little hole in the camera so light gets in (at least that’s what I imagine is happening). Almost all of the shots are half blown out by white light. Well, that’s a pity, but it was worth a try. Since I was hooked on to that camera and sometimes I’m really lucky, I managed to get another used one for a really small amount of money. I shot two films already and I’m impatiently waiting for the outcome!

Now what to do with the first roll of film? Since the pictures are trashy anyway I decided to experiment on them. I don’t own a scanner for negatives, so I put them into the flat bed scanner and played around with the outcome. They don’t look like the developed photos at all of course, but it is still fun and all the dust and fingerprints make for funny textures (where does all that come from?). Two of those I used for the new header and the little background image. The original colours are horrible though, so I show you some monochromatic ones.

shadows with almost no light problem

shadows with almost no light problem

margerites (?) on an urban garden project in the street

marguerites (?) on an urban garden project in the street

here you can see that pictures flow into eachother... honestly, I don't know why it does that

here you can see that pictures flow into eachother… honestly, I don’t know why it does that

some flowers in the park with light spots on both sides

some flowers in the park with light spots on both sides

For the next rolls I have to find a cheap solution to turn them into digital ones (otherwise you’d all have to come over and look at the printed versions, haha). I don’t know yet how to manage this problem, scanners for negatives are quite expensive (at least those that seem to work properly after going through some reviews), and I can’t even take pictures of them with my digital camera and invert them in photosphop, since this camera doesn’t work anymore. But oh well, I’m a lucky girl and I will see what I can do. If you have any secret tips, tell me!

in the fields - absolutley random good outcome without light issues

in the fields – absolutley random good outcome without light issues

Have a nice (almost) weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Ramblings On Analog/ue Photography

  1. bad luck about the cameras but you’ve turned it round and maybe found a more creative outlet. I like the wishy-washy effects and where there is clarity it is beautifully defined

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