Analog/ue: Accidental Beauties (I)

As I told you, the old Canon AE-1 is not working correctly because of lightstreaks (I guess). I showed you some experiments with a flatbed scanner and the negatives before, now I managed to scan the positives. Of course, there is a lot of loss in quality, saturation and sharpness if you do it this way. But after correcting some of this in photoshop, the digital files almost look like the real life positives and it’s close enough to show them to you.

I really like some of the mistakes in the pictures, the lightleaks, the strange colours, and even the cut off double pictures my drug store did (weird – I guess the developing of the films is done by machines and if the film has such big light issues, they won’t cut the pieces correctly). Have fun with exploring accidental beauty in a malfunctioning piece of film!








The second part is on tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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