Trapped // Secure

Everything and everyone is connected, strangely intertwined. We’re little dots and knots in a spider’s web, grains of sand on an endless beach, stars in the galaxy. How do I know what consequences my actions will have on you, and yours on me, and all of our ideas and little gestures on future generations of dots and sand and stars.


Everything is connected; we’re trapped in a network of friends and enemies, social relations und might-be-helpful-oneday-contacts we meet for dinner and discuss our careerplans with. You want to get out of it all and call it vacation, just leave the spider’s web for two weeks and lay back in another web in which its silky fibers are unknown to you and therefore invisible, and you stretch your arms and say: I’m free.


Everyone is connected to everybody else; this feeling of coming home after a few weeks out with its bittersweet relief. The grains of sand around you are the ones you know every blemish of and all their flaws; and the ones that mirror your own place in this world.



We’re all connected, trapped and secure in a spider’s web that keeps on emerging and bending and crawling – invisible to us – and has no clue what for.

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