Moving (I)

We’re in the midst of moving – new home, new city. Everything is kind of chaotic, but I like to see things change and old furniture and belongings finding new purposes and places. I might be a bit absent because of this, but once everything is smooth, I will find time again for photography and blogging. There are some new projects that developed over the last weeks that I didn’t find the time to start, but ideas keep coming and I’m so looking forward to be able to start once there is more space in the living room and less boxes full of stuff :-)

Until then I want to share some photos with you I took at Frankurt main station which I feel fit to the situation of moving and changing. Everyday is like a blank paper and you don’t need a specific destination to start traveling. I miss traveling a lot, but a new home in a new city is a start. The second part of the collection will be up tomorrow. Have a great week!





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