Summer in Mind

Moving keeps me busy and I forgot how much things one can own that you don’t need and forget about them alltogether. But at least most of the furniture is in its place now – I just love doing things on my own like the spice rack for the kitchen and some shelves for the wall and there are still so many projects!

But this way without just buying everything it takes a lot longer – and hey, these shelves are most important now to do so I’m really sorry I can’t clear out those moving boxes still lying on the floor in the living room, ahem… And of course I forgot where I put all those developed films I still had – clearly the downside of shooting film – but I ran into them today and got to scan some, so have a look at some summer memories!


There’s someone playing hide and seek, can you spot it?


Field of flowers at dawn:



I really feel much less chaotic by now and I might be hunting pictures soon again. How I miss the clicking sound! Have a great week and some peace and rest to save energy for the upcoming holiday season!

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