Red And White And Some Notes On Scanning Negatives

I managed to get some negative scans done – oh my, some of those photos are from August last year (that sounds really old now). Ok, new year, new resolutions: Pimp your workflow. Still figuring out a way to get scans done with my Canon DSLR. So far the test pictures are quite “ok” sharp (at least a thousand times better than my usual scans of the positive), but without a proper lightsource I never manage to get the colours right. The “scans” are lacking some colour canals completely, so no postprocessing in lightroom can do any magic to something that just isn’t there… Anyway, I do some more testing today with a daylight therapy lamp from a friend and we’ll see how that works out. Until I figure it all out I rely on scanning the positives and giving some negatives to professional scan services once in a while – and this “once in a while” means I collect films and films to have them done all at once to save some costs, which brings me back to: Whoa, I can hardly remember this walk we did back in August last year! But it looks fun!

So I just got a stash of film scans back and that means: There is a lot to come in the next few days and weeks. Today some reds and whites from – tadaaa – August 2013:




[Canon AE-1 Program / 50mm 1:1,8 / dm paradies film]

Have a great weekend and lose track of time once in a while :)

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