Land of Birds and Ramblings on DSLR Scanning

This is a bird’s nation.









…And also some of the first negatives scanned with a DSLR (a Canon 450D with Kit lens and some cheap macro extension tubes) – with a proper light source it’s much easier to get the colours right. Still experimenting. In some of these you can see the left side is out of focus – the negative wasn’t totally flat when I scanned it. Sigh.

One thing I love about shooting film is that you save yourself some great amount of time spent on Lightroom or Photoshop to get your digitals right – I love playing with those graphics then and now, but I hate to have to do this every time – all I want to do is go out and shoot and sometimes share. I don’t like to spend hours and hours afterwards in front of a computer to get the shot I wanted. It’s already there. Straight out of camera is my favourite, and I love the outcome of film, the randomness and surprise, the grain and the light leaks. It’s not only me who takes the picture: So much depends on the “mood” of my sweet camera. It feels like teamwork (I wonder if all filmlovers are freaks in some way – or if it’s the freak in you that pushes you to film – I’m not sure if it is totally sane to knit up cosy straps for your camera in winter :D ). And I don’t want to fiddle about the outcome, it is what it is, and pulling and pushing buttons in Lightroom to get the colour scheme right that is already there feels like a waste of time. But until I can afford a decent scanner for negatives I will have to stick to this method, although it keeps frustrating me.

I feel like taking pictures of my knitted camera strap cosies for you soon ;)

Have a great weekend and love what you do!

[Canon AE-1 Program / 50mm / dm paradiesfilm /DSLR Scan]

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