Project 52 Becomes Project 12 – March 2014

Life got in the way of my Project 52 and it’s on hold since last July. But I don’t want to give up completely, so I changed some parameters: The project gets updated every month (hence the 12) instead of every week, and everything crafty or artsy is allowed in the project instead of only painting or drawing – as long as it’s not photography, since that was and shall stay the main aspect of the project and force me to focus on other creative stuff besides my main interest in photography.

Last July I started crocheting and I picked up knitting a few weeks ago – I love it! In primary school we had to crochet a square once as an oven mitt and I hated everything about fibers and needles and my work did never want to become a square, no matter what I did, it always came out a strange triangle at best. I got so frustrated and even my mother gave up on trying to help me with that triangle-square-thing. I swore to myself I’d never pick up needles again. But oh, never say never! It happened out of a mood, and I got hooked :) Instead of frustrating me like it did when I was a kid, it now calms me down to create something with my hands. Something real that you can touch and see. I need to be calm and focused for painting and for photography, but I can crochet and knit just whenever. Not everything I do comes out the way I imagined, but then I just put it away and pick up the next one.

Now guess what all of my friends and family get as gifts ;) I rarely keep the stuff I make and I always forget to take pictures, but this week I did and here you go with the first crafty-artsy-fibers-stuff of the new Project 12:

All together: Batman, Yoda, a sheep cup cozy, Mr Hat and a Pi.

All together: Batman, Yoda, a sheep cup cozy, Mr Hat and a Pi.


Crocheted Amigurumi Batman. Used this pattern for a basic doll structure but modified it as I went along. The cape is felt.


Mr Hat from South Park as a finger puppet – made the pattern up as I went along. The inside is stuffed with polyfill and felt to make it fit any finger.


The Pi :) Made this softie for a friend who is a physicist. Used this great pattern. Right handed two phone cozies – the left one is mine that was supposed to be a mitt after this pattern, but I highly modified it and in the end it was much too small, but the perfect size for my phone. I love the stranded colourwork, but I have to practise a lot with this. The right one is for my mother, who loved my owl version and wanted one for herself, but she loves teddy bears even more, so I used this chart and made one cozy for her.


A sheep coffee cup cozy! With very bulky yarn knitted after this sweet pattern. I made a pom pom as a tail and used this as a button so you can use the cozy with cups that have a handle and open and close it.


Yoda! Made him after this pattern, but wanted the hood bigger and made the cape up as I went.

Have a nice and crafty time!

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8 thoughts on “Project 52 Becomes Project 12 – March 2014

  1. I freaking love the Batman and Yoda. It’s been a long time since I’ve crocheted an amigurumi. You’re making me want to pick it up again!

    • Aw this makes me happy! Pick it up again! Since I started I walk around the world (and watch TV) with this permanent whisper in my head: Hm, I could crochet this, and this, if I start there and make the head go this way… ;)

    • Oh how very kind of you! This is really sweet, I just now read about that Award and I feel very honoured :) I’m not sure yet if I will participate since I always shy away from all the awarding and question-answering, but nevertheless I’m very thankful you picked me, and let me at least say: hey, I now just found your blog, and I like it a lot! :) Give Yoda a try, the world can never have enough of them!

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