[Project 12] 2/12 April 2014

I’m a bit late with pictures for my project 12, but here they are. What I did last month:




knitted 2 wrist warmers/ mitts (one is “endpaper“, the grey ones with the butterfly I made up myself);


crocheted a little bird and sIMG_4461ome “Mollie” flowers (don’t know what to do with them yet, but I keep making more since they are so sweet and quick and you could do anything with them – a bracelet, a ring, pillows or blankets…);


knitted 3 snakes ’til now (well – I sure don’t know what to do with them, but they are such a fun and easy, quick knit, I just keep making them when I watch tv – and you can wear them as bracelets, or hang them anywhere, so yeah, snakes!);



IMG_4456knitted a tiny bear and a tiny turtle, which I both gave away before taking pictures (that again).

But to make up for that, and since it is something I “create” besides photography and therefore it might as well fit into this project: Our little urban garden!

I’ve sown some veggies and I’m sure the radishes will be fine, but I’m not sure yet about the salads and tomatoes and all the herbs. It’s an experiment with balcony gardening and little place and sun and no green thumb at all, so we will see!


Have a nice week and enjoy spring :)

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