[Project 12] 3/12 May 2014


Late again, but summer and reasons. Nevertheless I have been busy knitting in may as well and I accomplished my first bigger project. I keep using the left overs from my grandma and forbid myself to buy any new yarn until I really run out of stuff in my stash – but this means that it’s quite difficult to start bigger projects that acquire more than one skein of the same yarn or ask for a specific yarn. I might have to keep knitting smaller things until I can go and buy some yarn to start a pullover or shirt. Here come the small things:

fox_scarf_and_gnomesThe Fox Scarf – started some months ago but the neverending cables got me so bored, so I worked on it only once in a while. It would have been a much quicker knit if I wasn’t me. But I so love this guy! You can wrap it around your neck and even pull the tail through some loops on the inside of his head to secure it. I’m turning 30 next month – can’t believe it… Right hand you see some baby gnomes, a fast knit once you figure it all out. These two were my first ones, the left one is knit flat exactly after the pattern with a lot of sewing (I hate sewing), the right one I highly modified to knit in the round and use Judy’s Magic Cast-On (I wanted to learn this method for some time now and thought this fiddly little guy would be perferct to try it out… eh). The third one I gave away and didn’t take a picture, but I assure you I improved ;) Those two are just prototypes to try things out, now I figured it all out, using the Magic Cast-On for legs and arms and knit them two at once (the second technique I learned with these guys) and knit them in the round. Aww yeah. I keep knitting them, so I guess you will meet them again at the June Project update :)

VorhangThese curtain ties are so practical! I needed some for my curtains but did not want to buy some and the showstrings I used were unbelievably ugly. Knit exactly after the pattern, various colours, two of every one for two curtains. Great idea and very easy pattern.

Inga_HatThe not big, but fiddly project: The Inga hat. Took some time but I never got bored because of all the fair isle motifs. Knit two colours at once (combining Continental and English Method) and double stitched the blue afterwards just out of a mood. I love the colours. I love the hat. I so wish I could wear it now! Should not start knitting hats in summer, really. Now it lays there and waits for autumn, poor guy and poor me. Some evenings I carried it with me just to put it on my head for an hour or so. Most beautiful hat I ever had, and I made it myself! Booyah.

SchalThe big project: Dream Stripes Shawl. Used leftovers of course and kept running out of yarn. Tried to match weight and colours, not too easy with my messy skeins and no information about any of my yarn. After blocking it’s almost 2 m wide and about 70 cm high at the highest point. Used the whole skein of yellow, whole skein of blue, almost two skeins of white and some purple and some other yellow for the edge since I ran out of everything. Now this is a stash buster, really. I think it looks a bit more like a baby blanket because of the colours ;) But I like it nevertheless (the lace edge turns out beautiful and it makes a nice summer shawl) and I plan on making another one and modify the pattern a bit. Just have to wait until I have the nerves for all these stockinette rows again…


…The Shawl in all its glory :) It’s not so easy to get all of this big thing into one picture, really. Had to climb some chairs. Well.

BONUS for being late again: My balcony-garden-thing is blooming and flowering and now I have a table I can sit on and drink coffee and feel like a fairy in a magic garden :)


It’s really a tiny balcony and now there is no room to walk or have another chair anymore. All is occupied by flowers. And tomatoes – I grew tons of them, wasn’t thinking I guess… I gave away a lot of them, but I still have so many. But I’m addicted to tomatoes, so well, if they want to have tons of fruits I’m more than happy! I’m still waiting for a lot of herbs to grow, might be too late for them already. Maybe I have a lot of herbs in winter. Well. And I will get me some strawberry plant soon :)



Have a great rest of the week!

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