Israel Pt. I: Tel Aviv

It’s been a while – oh my. But I’m still here taking pictures and being craftsy (and not uploading anything for – more then 2 years?). Time flies by, you know (enter any common excuse here to your liking). I can’t say yet if I will post more regularly again in the near future, but I have a lot of pictures from beautiful places for you in my pipeline that I really want to get out there finally. So in the next few weeks there will be a bunch of posts. Yay!

First of all, I’ve been to Israel over New Year 2014/2015 for two weeks. We stayed in Tel Aviv most of the time and visited Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Dead Sea. It’s such a beautiful country and I’m in love with Tel Aviv (who couldn’t be!). If you’re all for open-minded people, beaches and delicious food (this is vegan heaven), this is your place to be. I love it and want to come back as soon as possible. I had the best vegan pizza there ever, there is a lovely vegan Georgian restaurant, the Nanuchka (as you might know, I visited Georgia a few years ago and loved the food, but with becoming vegan years ago the Georgian cuisine is kind of a challenge, and oh how lucky I am to stumble over what must be the only vegan Georgian restaraurant there is in the world!). So let’s start with Tel Aviv and random impressions (I love the picture with the two chairs):







[all: Canon AE-1 Program | 50 mm lens | dm paradiesfilm]

The next parts will be online over the next few days.

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