About: pixelmaedchen


Reflections of trees on water. Shot in Berlin. March 2011.

If you step away from the crowd, it can make you feel as if you were on another planet, curiously looking down on earth, watching people rushing by and landscapes fade. Watching the world spin, ideas rise and collapse, people making friends and leaving again while they journey on. I like to look at the world from a distance, through my camera lens, through paint brushes and cast back a shadow of the world as I see it.
So I send letters from mars.

I leave traces elsewhere:
visit me on flickr, where I publish more photos from travels etc.

visit me on deviantart, where I focus on publishing my artwork (and some photos) piece by piece

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5 thoughts on “About: pixelmaedchen

  1. I’m Ashlee Craft and I am a 19 year old published author, poet, musician, actress, filmmaker, artist, and photographer. I have written and published thirteen poetry books, two novels, four juvenile fiction/young adult books, two illustrated children’s books, two art books, and two non-fiction children’s books. I have also released two pop-rock songs, which I wrote, produced, sung, and played all of the instruments on. Additionally, I have released three short films that I directed, produced, wrote, and acted in. I am wondering if you would be interested in interviewing me and then publishing the interview on your blog, or reviewing one of my books and posting the review on your blog (I could email you a PDF of your chosen book if you desire). Thank you!

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