Israel Pt. V: Taghba

At the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee we visited the Church of Multiplication in Taghba and the Capernaum, an old fishing village. I like old sites like these, the remains of long gone communities, the old mosaics in the church and the natural light there.

Church of Multiplication:






















[Canon AE-1 Program | 50 mm lens | Kodak Portra 400]



Israel Pt. IV: Jerusalem

It was a wise decision to visit Jerusalem in winter, not in summer. It was still crowded and I don’t think I would have enjoyed the city as much with even more tourists. The old part is beautiful, of course, but it’s also very exhausting. I was so happy to get back to “the bubble” afterwards, which felt like a completely different planet in comparison to the vibes of Jerusalem. You have to see Jerusalem once in your life, I guess, and I love old cities and small streets and the spirit of all the centuries that live in the shadows and make the walk through the old town such an astonishing experience. But one day was more than enough for me. It’s a beautiful place, but if you’re anything like me when it comes to sensitivity, you feel the tension in this nervous city at every corner.

When you leave the old town and walk through the city center it feels like a relieve – and I ate the best falafel ever there, I guess. We visited Yad Vashem, which is a must, and that was almost too much to see in the few hours we had left. You can literally spend days there.

Old Town:









Olympus Mju | dm paradiesfilm


City Center:



Market – Canon AE-1 Program | 50mm lens | Kodak Portra 400

[unless otherwise: Canon AE-1 Program | 50mm lens | dm paradiesfilm]

Israel Pt. III: Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Market

First some pictures of Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo, a beautiful place with old houses, cafés, the St. Peter’s Church and its Bell Tower:


View from Tel Aviv promenade over Jaffa



…and the vivid market in Tel Aviv, which was just a few steps away from our apartement, so we basically ate there all day everyday:





[all: Canon AE-1 Program | 50mm lens | dm paradiesfilm]

This is it for Tel Aviv, next stop is Jerusalem.

Israel Pt. II: Tel Aviv Beach

Some impressions of the beautiful beach in Tel Aviv:








[all: Canon AE-1 Program | 50mm lens | dm paradiesfilm]

Israel Pt. I: Tel Aviv

It’s been a while – oh my. But I’m still here taking pictures and being craftsy (and not uploading anything for – more then 2 years?). Time flies by, you know (enter any common excuse here to your liking). I can’t say yet if I will post more regularly again in the near future, but I have a lot of pictures from beautiful places for you in my pipeline that I really want to get out there finally. So in the next few weeks there will be a bunch of posts. Yay!

First of all, I’ve been to Israel over New Year 2014/2015 for two weeks. We stayed in Tel Aviv most of the time and visited Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Dead Sea. It’s such a beautiful country and I’m in love with Tel Aviv (who couldn’t be!). If you’re all for open-minded people, beaches and delicious food (this is vegan heaven), this is your place to be. I love it and want to come back as soon as possible. I had the best vegan pizza there ever, there is a lovely vegan Georgian restaurant, the Nanuchka (as you might know, I visited Georgia a few years ago and loved the food, but with becoming vegan years ago the Georgian cuisine is kind of a challenge, and oh how lucky I am to stumble over what must be the only vegan Georgian restaraurant there is in the world!). So let’s start with Tel Aviv and random impressions (I love the picture with the two chairs):







[all: Canon AE-1 Program | 50 mm lens | dm paradiesfilm]

The next parts will be online over the next few days.


Short trip in October last year. I was there the second time and I really love this city. There you go with some impressions:





img201 img223


[all: Canon AE-1 Program | 50mm | dmparadiesfilm]

What We Did In The Summer (II)

Second part, first part was on yesterday.

View over Frankfurt:



[first two: Petri FT EE | dm paradiesfilm 200]

Shadow Play:


[Olympus µ | Kodak Gold 200]

Frankfurt Metro:


[this and next three: Canon AE-1 Program | Kodak Gold 200]

Frankfurter “Gruenguertel” (“green belt”, protected landscape of 8000 hectars surrounding the city, wilth hiking trails of about 62km starting in Hoechst):




What We Did In The Summer (I)

Some random summer impressions from last year. Second part will be up tomorrow. So looking forward to spring and sunshine and flowers soon!

Bodensee / Lake of Constance:




Frankfurt Hoechst:





[all: Olympus Program 40 | Rossmann Film 400]

What Is Left

It took more than one year for us to finally remove all the stuff from my grandmother’s house. We kept searching through her drawers, the shelves, the wardrobe; made different piles on her bed with her jewelery, handcrafted shawls and pouches, her glasses, her photos; we collected all the love letters between her and my grandfather that she kept besides her bed – “I’m counting the days until you’re back with me: when you receive this letter it will only be ten days left!” -, looked through all her handwritten receipts and struggled with which ones to keep, the food of my childhood, the best chocolate cookies anyone has ever eaten and everybody failed at copying them until this very day, they follow the rules and use the right ingredients, but it doesn’t taste as good as hers, not so smooth, not so sweet, not so melty, just a lame knock-off of something wonderful.

How do you decide which parts of a life to keep and which ones to give away? We went from “let’s just get the cleaner guys to remove everything in here, we don’t need anything, I just want it to be done” to “I can’t call them yet, I’m not finished, there might be something somewhere in here still that I haven’t seen” and back and forth again. After one year we had removed every bit and every piece from its place, the house was a mess, we had seen everything several times, we still struggled over which things to keep and which ones to give away. It is so hard to let go of someone and all their little belongings, all the stories and memories. I grew up with her and I knew every little thing she kept in her rooms as if it was mine; I “helped” her with the baking and cooking (you know – “help” like in eat all the cookie dough) and she taught me to play the piano. We gave books and teapots to friends and family, kept the letters and photos and I kept all her yarns, the baskets full of yarns.

In the end it only took three hours for the guys to remove everything left in her flat. All the furniture, all her books, all the pots and cookie cutters. We stood there by the window and my mom said: They are throwing my life into this container, piece by piece.


[Canon AE-1 Program | 50 mm | Kodak Gold 200]

All that was left in the end was her piano. It is the one I learned to play on when I was five, we played four-handend for christmas, she held little private concerts for her friends once in a while, with sweet hand drawn invitation cards; and one of her friends always brought a bouquet of flowers for after the show, when she would shyly take a bow and be all excited and laugh and look rosy-cheekced.

I now managed to get the piano here to my place. It sits in my living room, with pictures of her on it, waiting for me to find the courage to play again.

You are in my thoughts.

Kodak Retina IIc

Long time no see – I’ve been really busy over the last half a year, but this year I’m up to some changes and I’m making room for more blogging, more photography, and more of just about everything that I love. The next few weeks will be updates of all the stuff in my pipeline that I did over the last half a year that did not get published yet. I kept knitting and crocheting and started sewing, I was traveling and of course I kept photographing.

I start this year with some pictures taken last march with the Kodak Retina IIc, which I found at my mother’s basement. It was produced in the 1970s and belonged to my grandfather. I love this old thing. You have to use an external lightmeter which is not really working, but the pictures came out nice anyway.




[Kodak Retina IIC | dmparadiesfilm 200]